What is the price?

Free! We don’t charge for the Stock Brief service. Maybe in the future we will offer a premium version, or not (we’ll see what happens).

How do you make money if it’s free?

Well, right now, we don’t. It actually costs us money to run this service (but not too much, with the cost absorbed by our founder). Maybe we will put some small ads in the future, or offer a premium version, to monetise.

How often are the emails?

The emails are sent every night after a trading day (e.g. for a standard trading week, you’ll receive an email 9pm on Monday through Friday).

Additionally, we occasionally send out an update email with some market news and product updates (not more than once a fortnight, usually less – as we are too busy to write them).

What is in the emails?

The emails show for each stock that you have selected:

The price data:

  • Close price
  • Change (as a percentage, up or down or neutral)‍
  • Volume of shares traded‍
  • Turnover (close price x volume of shares traded)

Market announcements:

  • Market announcement heading‍
  • If price sensitive‍
  • Link to read the PDF version of announcement.

You can also see a screenshot of an email from Stock Brief on our home page. Or just sign up to see!

What stock markets do you provide this service for?

Right now, just the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). We may consider more in the future (we do own the domain, so we should make use of it globally).

How do I select my stocks?

You select them on sign up. There is also a link in the email to change your stocks selected. Or you click here (not available yet!) to update them now.

I want to stop the emails / unsubscribe.

Damn. Sorry to see you go. There is an unsubscribe link in your email. Or you can click here  to unsubscribe manually.

Can I follow you on social media?

Yes – we have a Twitter account: @StockBrief. We don’t have an Instagram or Facebook page at this stage.

Can I get in touch with you?

Sure. We have a nice contact form.

What do you do with my private data?

We try to be totally honest with where your data goes and what we do with it. Read our privacy statement.