ASX All Tech Index Stocks: Top 41-50

ASX-listed technology companies have recorded substantial growth in the recent years. In order to keep up to date with this ever-changing market sector, Stock Brief have compiled details of the All Tech Index, which features 50 of the top technology stocks on the ASX. While you can download the entire eBook for free using the link below, this blog series will highlight each of the companies in brief detail. Here are the top 41-50 ASX All Tech Index stocks by market cap.

Catapult Group International (ASX: CAT)

Market cap: $242.4 million

In today’s day and age, athletes and sports teams around the world are looking for any edge to get ahead of their competitors. Fortunately, there is now more data out there around performance sports than ever before. A large part of this is thanks to wearable technology, which tracks, monitors and provides extensive insights into athlete performance across all conditions. 

Formed in 2006, Catapult is one of the leading business providers in this space, providing wearable tracking devices that have been rolled out to athletes all around the world. From the AFL and NRL in Australia, to international football leagues, basketball teams, track-and-field athletes and more – Catapult has become a dependable supplier of technology hardware and equipment to the sports industry, recording significant revenue growth to date. Beyond the “pro” segment, however, the company is also looking to build its profile in the “prosumer” segment, which is a segment offering significant long-term growth.

RPMGlobal Holdings (ASX: RUL)

Market cap: $211 million

RPMGlobal Holdings is a global leader in the provision and development of mining software solutions, advisory services and professional development to the mining industry. The company was formed all the way back in 1968, however, it wasn’t until 40 years later that it made it onto the boards of the ASX. 

RPM works with various mining companies of all sizes and commodities to help them pursue and execute their growth strategies. Over the years the company has seen its software used in more than 125 countries, helping demonstrate a track record of being deployable in a range of different environments and generating perpetual license contracts through subscription means.

LiveTiles (ASX: LVT)

Market cap: $198.5 million

LiveTiles is a New York based software company with operations spanning across the Americas, Australia, Asia and Europe. According to the AFR’s 2020 Fast 100, LiveTiles has been named Australia’s fastest-growing technology company. The company specialises in workplace technology, creating digital workplace solutions that are modular, highly configurable and that are intended to revolutionise the modern workplace by aiming to improve people’s productivity, creativity and connection in the workplace. 

Some of its workplace technology solutions include Intranets, AI & Employee Chat-bots, Employee Mobile Apps, Employee Data capture and insight tools, plus more. A multi-award winning software provider, LiveTiles has been used by businesses of all sizes and backgrounds, while also touting itself as the clear world leader in delivering Intranet solutions to enterprises globally.

Praemium (ASX: PPS)

Market cap: $175.7 million

The investment administration technology industry has a lot of competitors vying for top position, however, Praemium has managed to build a strong name among its peers. The company is a global leader in the provision of technology platforms for managed accounts, investment administration and financial planning. Its technology is used by more than 300,000 investor accounts across over 1,000 financial institutions and intermediaries, some of which are among the largest in the world. 

This database of clients has translated into more than $140 billion in funds under management, spread right across the world. In its pursuit for growth, the company has recently made a takeover offer for all the shares in Powerwrap, one of Australia’s leading wealth management platforms, and which offers a comprehensive suite of investment, administration and shared services to high net-worth investors. With its flexible and efficient open-architecture technology, Praemium will be hoping to optimise its scale and deploy its offer across a larger clientele base.

Class (ASX: CL1)

Market cap: $170.6 million

Class is an award-winning SMSF administration and wealth accounting software provider. The company utilises the cloud to deliver its software solution to as many as 28% of SMSFs. Class was founded in 2009 with a mission to deliver innovative administration solutions that automate manual workloads, driving high levels of processing efficiency and scalability and supporting accountants and their clients in delivering digital SMSFs. 

In addition, the fintech also provides software to streamline the administration of investment portfolios held by non-SMSF entities such as companies, trusts and individuals. Shares in Class have seen notable volatility in recent years. While posting profits in H1 FY20, the company did record a significant slump in net profit after tax. Nonetheless, its acquisition of NowInfinity, a leading corporate compliance documentation technology business, has been touted as a complementary purchase to broaden its services.

Alcidion Group (ASX: ALC)

Market cap: $153.6 million

Health care equipment and services business Alcidion Group offers a complementary set of software products and services that create a unique offering in the global healthcare market. The company’s solutions are designed to support interoperability, allow communication and task management, and deliver clinical decision support at the point of care to improve patient outcomes.

Although the company was formed in 2000, it was not until 2011 when it listed on the ASX. In recent years, the company has acquired Oncall System and its Smartpage clinical communication system. In 2018, Alcidion Group acquired the Patientrack bedside patient monitoring software and MKM Health, an IT solutions and services provider. The company has continued to win new contracts in recent months for the use of its platform, and separately, for support services. While not yet cash flow positive, the stock was recently included in the All Ordinaries index.

PainChek (ASX: PCK)

Market cap: $119.1 million

PainChek is a smartphone-based medical device which incorporates artificial intelligence to assess and grade levels of pain in real-time. Simultaneously, it also results in a patient’s medical records being stored and updated in the cloud. The technology is driven by facial-recognition capabilities, with video recordings of a patient used to analyse the pain of an individual. 

Once treatment or medication has been identified for the patient, the caregiver can monitor their recovery through the same process. The application is designed to assist those who do not have the cognitive abilities to verbalise their pain. As part of a global roll-out, the company has implemented a licensing model, making it easier for caretakers to store and share patient data, while benefitting PainChek with a visible line-of-sight as to potential revenue.

NetLinkz (ASX: NET)

Market cap: $118.1 million (suspended)

For more than 15 years, NetLinkz has been providing secure and efficient cloud solutions through what it dubs, a “Virtual Invisible Network” that can be accessed through the internet or existing networks. NetLinkz is the world’s only fully-meshed peer-to-peer network provider. Having been awarded various industry awards for its technology, the company deploys its solutions to a wide variety of companies across the world. China serves as a lucrative market for the company, with sales revenue building strongly in 2020.

ResApp Health (ASX: RAP)

Market cap: $105.7 million

ResApp Health is a leading digital health business that has pioneered mobile apps to assist with the diagnosis and management of respiratory disease. The software uses machine-learning algorithms that are attuned to the sounds of respiratory conditions such that it can diagnose and measure the severity of such conditions without requiring any additional medical equipment. 

To date, the company has received regulatory approval in Europe and Australia for its products like ResAppDx-EU, which has been clinically validated for use in telehealth, emergency departments and primary care settings. Its other product, SleepCheck, focuses on sleep apnoea screening, allowing users to self-assess their risks associated with the condition. Given the size of these target markets, the company hopes to capture a slice of what is an industry with vast potential to generate revenue.

Atomos (ASX: AMS)

Market cap: $98 million

Atomos is a global video technology company delivering award-winning, simple-to-use monitor-recorder content creation products. The company’s products are designed to give content creators an efficient, cost-effective and high-quality production system to harness across social, entertainment and pro-video market segments. Its solutions allow users to take images using any major camera brand and enhance, record and distribute them for content creation in major video editing applications. 

Atomos has managed to build strategic relationships with the likes of Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Adobe and Apple, while its decade-old operations have now expanded beyond Australia into the global ecosystem. In the first half of FY20, the company boosted revenue by 35% to $32.6 million, while gross profit rose 32% to $13.9 million. With new product releases in store, Atomos will be looking to build on its strong revenue growth from recent years.

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